Flu and Pregnancy

When you are pregnant your body undergoes dramatic changes

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“I was just entering the third trimester of my pregnancy when I thought I caught a cold. When I got a high fever and had difficulty breathing, my partner called the ambulance and luckily they brought me straight to the hospital. My body had to fight a lot during this illness, which turned out to be severe influenza. I was very worried about my pregnancy and my little boy arrived prematurely. Today, he is still underweight. I had totally underestimated how influenza could affect me and my baby.”

* Nothando, 29, project manager – experience of first pregnancy


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When you are pregnant your body undergoes dramatic changes that affect your immune system, heart rate, and lung function. 1,2

These changes during pregnancy can make you much more likely to get severely ill or can harm to your developing baby, if you catch influenza. 1,2



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Influenza vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and your baby during pregnancy from influenza and reduce the risk of complications.1,6

  • Influenza vaccines are given safely to millions of pregnant women around the world.6
  • You can get vaccinated during any trimester of your pregnancy.1,6
  • Pregnant women are strongly recommended to receive an influenza vaccination.1,8


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Getting vaccinated during pregnancy can also protect your baby from influenza for up to 6 months after birth, before he or she is old enough to be vaccinated.6,8


*This patient case has been created based scientific studies. Name is fictional. Patient image is a model.1,4,5

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