Medical Brochure Category: Neurological Disorders

Parkinson’s Disease

WHAT IS PARKINSON’S DISEASE? A chronic (long-term), degenerative disorder of the brain, which is caused when an inadequate amount of dopamine is produced by the

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Multiple Sclerosis

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (ALSO KNOWN AS MS) ? A condition that affects the central nervous system, in other words the brain and spinal cord Can also

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Dementia is a syndrome due to disease of the brain, usually of a chronic or progressive nature Was this helpful? Submit Cancel Thanks for your

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A man viewing the world through a bipolar disorder (BD) cutout


WHAT IS BIPOLAR DISORDER (also known as BD)? In essence, it is a severe lifelong mood disorder causing alternating episodes of “highs” [elevated mood or

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Young lady with messy hair as a symbol of anxiety disorder

Anxiety Disorder

WHAT IS GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)? A sufferer typically experiences the following: Relentless and exaggerated anxiety in the absence of valid concerns, which can obviously

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