Happy, smiling family as a metaphor for healthy people who got their flu vaccine

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Flu (Influenza) is a worldwide illness that can affect anyone.1,2
Moreover, it spreads quickly and easily through coughing and sneezing.1,3
It causes respiratory infections, which can result in you getting very sick, being hospitalised and finally, even dying.1

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There is a higher risk of getting severely sick from Influenza if you are:1,3


Infographic showing how flu affects populations


  • 650,000 people worldwide and approximately 11,800 people in South Africa, die from Influenza each year.1,3
  • Up to 5 million people worldwide, including more than 45,000 South Africans, get severely ill from the disease each year.1,3 What is more, almost 50% of these affected South Africans need to be hospitalised.3
  • It is contagious and can have unexpected, severe consequences such as, heart attacks and strokes.1,4
  • Despite these facts, getting an Influenza vaccine every year is one of the most effective ways to prevent getting the disease, and to reduce getting severely ill, being hospitalised and dying.1,3
  • The vaccine also lowers cardiac events among people with heart disease and can reduce worsening and hospitalisation for individuals with chronic lung disease.5

Your healthcare professional has prescribed/administered the Influenza vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur to you, based on international recommendations to prevent Influenza.3

Well done on protecting yourself and those close to you by getting the vaccine!

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