About Us

Who are we

What we do

Investing In Health and Well-Being

Medinformer helps medical professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, retailers and pharma marketers strengthen their patient relationships and increase customer loyalty by providing quality consumer health care information everywhere

Delivered through a comprehensive ecosystem that combines digital and offline platforms to distribute quality and trusted reliable content which is utilized by both Consumers and Health Care Professionals.

Partners can skip inhouse development costs and time, gain access to proven technology, tools and content from Day 1 and customize content and ecosystem to their desired business model

What we deliver

Trusted Healthcare Information

At Medinformer, we place free, trusted healthcare information at the core of every patient’s health journey.

Whether accessed in healthcare facilities or shared by healthcare professionals, our digital delivery ensures that healthcare consumers receive the right information at the right time and in the right place.

We empower patients with knowledge for optimal health outcomes. We enable HCP’S to improve compliance and patient education.

Our ecosystem

Push and Pull tools

User-friendly methods offer consumers readily accessible digital health information in healthcare environs, catering to both actively seeking consumers—Pull, and those patients identified by healthcare providers with relevant health information—Push

Management and Navigation

Tools and technology to help consumers navigate content and put the right information in the right format into their hands

Data and Analytics

Supported by robust data and analytics platform to understand and monitor engagements


Using e-Brochure template which is platform versatile and has proven engagement impact.

Benefits of our eco system

  • Tech backbone that supports displays but also embeds content in websites
  • Various levels of content and an infinite number of subjects
  • Establish offline to online consumer touchpoints across HCP locations
  • Update fast and efficiently and implement low-cost content distribution
  • Independent analytics monitoring through Google Analytics GA4
  • Strengthened engagement with patient information
  • HCP tools and training for sharing information through variety of digital delivery platforms
  • Dashboard for HCP’s giving them insight into what was shared with patients and who engaged
  • Our API’s ensure that we can work and partner with almost everyone in the healthcare industry


referenced content topics embedded in website of market leading retailers Dis-Chem and Baby City


offline-to-online touchpoints in 500 stores


Medinformer presence in 1200 doctors and specialist rooms


Delivering in excess of 1 million rich consumer engagements over the past twelve months

Medinformer is honored and privileged to collaborate with an esteemed array of partners in the healthcare industry