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Meidcal Pratitioner holding a clipboard with a piece of paper saying Genital Warts

Genital Warts

If you’ve noticed skin growths of different shapes and sizes on your genitals, groin or anal area, these may well be genital warts. This is a common condition spread through sexual contact. Fortunately, there are good options available related to treatment for genital warts.

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HIV 1 – What is HIV?

HIV | human immunodeficiency virus
HIV destroys the ability of the body’s immune cells to function and so over time, people gradually become immunodeficient (unable to fight off infection).

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HIV 7 – Contraception

Integration of HIV treatment services and family planning is of paramount importance. Women living with HIV should have access to comprehensive information to assist them in making

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HIV 5 – All about ARVs

Medicines used to treat HIV are called ANTIRETROVIRALS – ARVs for short. ARVs can’t cure HIV, but do help people with HIV live longer, healthier lives.1 Learn all

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