What we do

Inspiring Health Consciousness

At Medinformer, we believe in empowering people with timely, accurate, and referenced patient education. By delivering the right information at the right time, we inspire proactive health management and enhance quality of life.


Our digital platform ensures that healthcare consumers receive precise information whether accessed in healthcare facilities or shared by healthcare professionals. Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals (HCPs), our trusted material improves patient compliance with treatment regimens.

How We Deliver Healthcare Education

Since 2005, Medinformer has provided free, trusted healthcare information in thousands of doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and clinics across South Africa. Our consumer-friendly touchpoints and sharing tools are designed to cater to both actively seeking consumers and patients identified by healthcare providers.


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Our patient information sharing tools can be seamlessly integrated into HCPs’ existing workflows or used as standalone apps. This enables the delivery of highly relevant, personalized information to patients via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.


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Our Ecosystem

Push & Pull Tools

User-friendly methods provide easily accessible digital health information, catering to both actively seeking consumers (Pull) and patients identified by healthcare providers (Push).


Management and Navigation

Innovative tools and technology reach consumers through a broad network, delivering the right information in the right format.


Data and Analytics

A robust data and analytics platform supports understanding and monitoring of engagements.



High-quality, locally referenced content in Medinformer’s e-Brochure template, which is versatile, SEO-friendly, secure, and proven to drive engagement without remarketing.

Trusted Expertise in Healthcare Education

With nearly 20 years of experience, Medinformer is a trusted leader in healthcare education. We partner with retail pharmacy groups, pharma companies, state health organizations and doctor practice management systems to deliver specialized knowledge and skills.

By partnering with Medinformer, you can:
  • Skip in-house development costs and time
  • Access proven technology, tools, and content from Day 1
  • Customize content and ecosystems to fit your business model