Vaginal Dryness

A change that comes with menopause

As women age, they will experience changes to their vagina and urinary system that are largely due to decreasing levels of the hormone oestrogen.

This can lead to vaginal discomfort, and problems with recurrent bladder infections and sexual intercourse

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Why is oestrogen important?

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The hormone oestrogen helps to keep the vagina moist, maintain thickness of the vaginal lining and keep the tissue flexible.3 It also plays a role in maintaining the natural acidity and protective Lactobacilli in the vagina to help prevent infections.2

Unlike other symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, the changes to the vagina and urinary tract are not likely to go away on its own and tend to worsen over time.2

Replacing the lost oestrogen rebuilds the vaginal wall.4,5

How is lost oestrogen replaced?

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Oestrogen can be replaced directly at the source of the problem with a vaginal tablet or a vaginal cream.

Local vaginal oestrogen applied or inserted locally into the vagina provides sufficient oestrogen levels to relieve the bothersome vaginal symptoms, with minimal absorption into the blood stream. Local vaginal oestrogen may also be added to oral tablets or patches for additional vaginal symptom relief.1-3

How long can vaginal oestrogen be used?

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International experts recommend that local vaginal oestrogen be used for as long as symptoms persist, as symptoms may come back when treatment is discontinued.2 Therapy with low-dose vaginal oestrogen can be individualised to each woman and her symptoms to identify the lowest dose and frequency of use that provides the desired symptom relief.2

Vaginal oestrogen products contain estradiol, which is the same as the female oestrogen hormone found in the body.11

Vaginal tablets

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  • Delivers the correct dose with a pre-filled applicator.11
  • Easy to use disposable pre-applicator with a small tablet.11
  • Cleaner, minimal leakage and no need for additional sanitary pads.7,9

Vaginal creams

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  • Filling the applicator with cream raised concerns with women about using too much or too little cream.7
  • A single applicator which needs to be re-filled each time it is used, cleaned, and re-used again.12
  • Messy with leakage; may require additional sanitary protection.7,9

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